One program that is becoming increasingly popular among men is Pandora’s Box. Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box is a system that men can use to boost their confidence in picking up women. While that may seem pretty simple, it’s a system that involves reading minds and analyzing the type of woman you are trying to talk to. The system explains the “secrets” of women and secret phrases that get women interested right away. Once the system is mastered, it promises to have results in five minutes or less. The system provides several videos and PDF files that illustrate the different types of women, what to expect from each one, and how to make them interested quickly. The system also analyses the types of women in depth, providing useful tips on how to maintain a relationship with them. Pandora’s Box helps experienced men sharpen their speaking skills in order to gain the interest of women they want (full details can be found at: The system advertises it as the “three questions scientists use to get laid.” The literature and videos explore the female mind and how it operates so that men can understand it. Once understood, the idea is that men will be able to modify their speech and the things that they say in order to get a positive response every time. Because the system talks about eight different types of women, it becomes adaptable to the situation.
While the system doesn't touch on the concept of confidence or self-esteem, Pandora’s Box can help men to cater their behaviors towards women, and teach them how to get a date. The system doesn't mention how self-esteem can affect the way the messages are delivered to the woman; however, by saying the right thing at the right time the issue of confidence can be overcome. Ideally, the men that use the system will see success and gain more confidence after some results are produced. The system breaks down women into eight different types(more on that here) and provides detailed information on each one, including general information, what body language they respond to, and how to get in their pants or start a relationship. Another useful piece of information included for each type is a generalization of what the woman’s past relationships are like and what to expect. A quiz that helps determine types is also included to that men can learn to quickly judge the type of woman they are talking with. This “Gingerbread Secret” not only helps to start and keep a conversation going, but keeps her interested as well. This is one of the key factors in the system’s adaptability.

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