Another useful piece of information Pandora’s Box includes is this three question quiz designed to determine what type of woman will approach you. This information is useful for men who may not be as daring as others right away. This is different from the “Gingerbread Secret” because it deals with how outgoing women will try to pick the man up, rather than the other way around. This helps the man to understand how to react and what to say in order to keep the woman interested. The system also uses psychology, which Pandora’s Box claims reduces lying in a relationship, keeps the woman loyal, and turns her on. The system explains how to use psychology to your advantage to create a stronger and better relationship, as well as instant attraction. Pandora’s Box even includes information on how to steal a woman away from any man, simply by adding a phrase into regular conversations. While psychology and “secrets” seem like two very different things, the two are both often overlooked in dating.

One of the qualities that makes Pandora’s Box unique is its ease of use. Van DiCarlo have captured the personalities of women in many ways (see this: Pandoras Box Types) and made them easy to understand. The system can be used in a number of dating scenarios, with very few exceptions. While the initial studying was a little much, the system has been proven and once mastered can produce good results. The system helps men to understand women’s behaviors at a better level so that they can adapt their own to suit the needs of the women they date. Overall, the system isn't perfect, but it can make a big difference in the development of a relationship. Pandora’s Box is an excellent source for those wanting to understand more about the female mind. While the system is not fool proof, it can significantly help with the initial pick up of women and help men to develop a relationship with the woman of their dreams.

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